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pH Down is designed to decrease the soil acidity, balancing pH. pH down contains phosphoric acid which can decrease pH because of it’s acidic compound. When added to soil, it releases hydrogen ions, which increases the concentration of hydrogen ions in the soil solution. This, in turn, reduces the soil pH, making it more acidic.

Soil pH is a measure of how acidic the soil is, and it is an important factor that affects soil fertility and plant growth. Different plants have different pH requirements and some plants prefer acidic soil while others prefer alkaline soil.

pH down is the perfect solution to treat soils that don’t have enough acidity.

Benefits of pH Down

  • Reduces pH
  • Increases root development
  • Increases seed production
  • Increases overall plant growth
  • Increases fertilizer efficiency
  • Increases disease prevention
  • Increases stress tolerance


Phosphoric Acid… 70%

Please reach out to your area representative for proper SDS.