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BIO is a nutritional supplement that can be used as a soil treatment, seed start, or foliar feed. BIO contains a blend of micronutrients and minerals that provide a unique source of nutrition to the plant and to the soil. This blend of micronutrients also contains humic acid which provides valuable nutrition for the plant and adds feed value to the crop.

BIO boosts plant growth and production by amplifying photosynthesis, increasing carbon energy to the soil, increasing plant immunity systems, and much more. BIO can be applied directly to the soil, pre-green up, or as a foliar feed to add an instant source of nutrition for the plant.

Benefits of BIO

  • Improves plant photosynthesis
  • Increases plant vigor
  • Higher brix levels
  • Greater fruition
  • Increases plant maturity
  • Increases drought resistance
  • Improves plant vitality
  • Improves overall plant health
  • Increases microbial activity



Total Nitrogen (N)… 25.0%

13.5% Slow-release Triazone Nitrogen

11.5% Urea Nitrogen

Sodium (Na)… 0.32%

Magnesium (Mg)… 0.02%

Zinc (Zn)… 0.02%

Sulfur (S)… 0.02%

Manganese (Mn)… <0.01%

Copper (Cu)… <0.01%

Boron (B)… <0.01%

Iron (Fe)… <0.01%

Please reach out to your area representative for proper SDS.